PhoenixBio USA Corporation

PhoenixBio: Human Liver Mice and Gene Therapy Study Services

PhoenixBio supplies:

PXB-mice® - Chimeric Mouse Model with a Highly Humanized Liver (~90% human hepatocytes)
PXB-cells® - Primary Human Hepatocytes Freshly Isolated from our PXB-mice

Both models have been used extensively for applications in Gene Therapy, Gene Editing, RNA/OligoAAV, NASH/NAFLD, DMPK/Tox/Safety, and Viral Hepatitis.

We also provide comprehensive Drug Development Study Services tailored specifically for gene therapy. Our high-quality preclinical models and study services guarantee faster more reliable translation from be successful clinical studies.

Brands: We offers In Vivo / In Vitro Humanized Chimeric Liver models (PXB-Mice®/PXB-cells®) and associated Gene Therapy Study Services to accelerate your preclinical drug development program.