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CellBios is a leading biotech and medical device manufacturing company, offering a range of cryopreservation bags and biocontainers for cell, gene & tissue therapy, bioprocessing, and medical applications. CellStor Freezing Bags (1ml to 5L) with 50+ different fill sizes for the cryopreservation (-196°C) of blood, cells & tissues for cell therapy and other applications. Customizations are available. Transfer Freezing Bag Sets (Cord Blood Processing & Storage) Transfer Bags (PVC & EVA) Tissue Freezing Bags Overwrap Bags (EVA/FEP) Cryopreservation Solutions (DMSO & DMSO/Dextran) Cell Culture Bags (25ml to 5L) Freeze-Thaw Bags (2ml to 50L) for -80°C storage 2D Biocontainers (5ml to 50L, 100L, 200L) 3D Biocontainers (5L to 2000L) Manifold Transfer Sets, Sampling & Filling Solutions, Custom Tube & Bag Assembly Set, Accessories & Equipment Bone

Brands: CellBios manufactures a range of bags (for collection, processing, storage, sampling, filling, etc.) kits, assembly sets, and accessories for cell therapy, bioprocessing, and medical applications.

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