Freudenberg Biopharma  

Sample our biopharma tubing for critical fluid transfer

Freudenberg manufactures critical fluid transfer products for the global biopharma industry. Platinum silicone and TPE tubing, hose, and assemblies are fabricated in certified cleanrooms in the US, Germany, and Ireland.

PharmaFocus® Premium platinum-cured silicone tubing is extractables tested with full validation – braided, non-reinforced, and peristaltic pump tubing. HelixMark® brand silicone tubing is ideal for lab and non-critical flow applications, serving the industry since 1985.

NEW PRODUCTS include HelixTC™ molded sanitary ends for single-use systems and HelixFlex™ TPE Tubing which is weldable, sealable, and sterilizable.

Brands: PharmaFocus Premium, HelixMark, HelixFlex, HelixTC