Forge Biologics  

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Forge Biologics, a member of Ajinomoto Biopharma Services, is a hybrid gene therapy contract manufacturing and clinical-stage therapeutics development company, enabling access to life-changing gene therapies by bringing them from concept to reality. Forge’s 200,000 square foot facility, the Hearth, is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and houses 20 custom-designed cGMP suites. Forge’s end-to-end, scalable plasmid and AAV manufacturing services include research-grade manufacturing, process and analytical development, cGMP manufacturing, fill and finish, and regulatory consulting support to help accelerate the timelines of transformative medicines for patients with genetic diseases. To learn more, visit

Brands: - Ignition HEK 293 Suspension Cell Line - pEMBR Ad Helper Plasmid - Blaze Vector Production (research scale manufacturing) - cGMP manufacturing (50-5,000L) - Plasmid manufacturing