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San Sebastian, 

Welcome to ASGCT and Viralgen Vector Core.

Viralgen is a CDMO that specializes in development through large-scale commercial production of cGMP certified rAAV for cell and gene therapies. Through our proprietary Pro10™ suspension manufacturing platform, we deliver industry-leading titers for all AAV serotypes to our client partners, optimizing speed to market and cost-of-goods to accelerate clinical development and commercialization. The company’s state-of-the-art facilities based in San Sebastian, Spain include a commercial facility consisting of three modules, each having three cGMP suites with capacities of >2,000 L.

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  • We have successfully manufactured >11 batches of rAAV at the 2,000 L scale. Ask us about our large scale production and technical transfer capabilities.

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  • Pro10 Cell line and Platform Process
    Viralgen specializes in the production of AAV gene therapy vectors of all serotypes using our proprietary suspension, triple transfection platform and process....