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Thermo Fisher Scientific provides the quality products, services, and support you need to translate your gene and cell therapy from drug discovery through large-scale commercial production. We’re working alongside the scientific community to accelerate the pace of gene and cell therapy development and enabling scientists like you to transform our approach to health care.

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  • (Apr 19, 2024)
    Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Animal Origin-Free Formulation to Support Scaling of Cell Therapy Manufacturing


  • Fisher Scientific Channel
    Your leading source for research and production products with the supportive people, programs, and services to help you reduce risk and achieve more.

  • Gibco™ CTS™ Cellmation™ Software
    An off-the-shelf software designed to simplify and optimize cell therapy manufacturing processes and enable cGMP compliance.

  • Digital PCR automation
    QuantStudio Absolute Q AutoRun dPCR Suite—spend more time on science and less on setup

  • Xenon Electroporation System
    Closed, scalable electroporator for large-scale nonviral delivery and GMP-compliant cell therapy manufacturing....

  • PeproTech recombinant proteins now part of Gibco
    Thermo Fisher Scientific acquired PeproTech in 2021 and is now offering the same, trusted portfolio of recombinant proteins under the Gibco brand. ...

  • SteriSEQ™ Rapid Sterility Testing Kit
    The SteriSEQ Rapid Sterility Testing Kit is a qPCR assay for fast, accurate detection of bacterial and fungal contaminants in cell therapy production....

  • Rotea Counterflow Centrifugation System
    Multipurpose system offers flexibility to address cell processing needs from cell therapy research to commercial manufacturing....

  • CTS StemScale
    Xeno-free formulation supports PSC growth across multiple culture vessel formats. Up to 30% higher fold expansion compared to other suspension culture media....