Ovizio Imaging Systems  

Uccle ,  Brussels 

Ovizio Imaging Systems, founded in 2009, is a Belgian company that provides the bioprocessing industry with a unique PAT for gathering insight into their cell culture process. The Ovizio platform utilizes label-free, non-destructive, holographic microscopy to detect changes in cell morphology, which is recorded by the microscope and interpreted by AI into meaningful data. The bio-connect, a single-use disposable, allows for closed-loop travel of the cells between the bioreactor and the instrument for analysis. Some applications of interest include cell density and viability metrics, cell counting of cells on microcarriers, transduction or transfection efficiency, cell subtype differentiation, cell activation, and early stage bacterial or fungi contamination. Ovizio’s flagship instrument, the iLineF Pro, is GMP qualified and is commonly used in the cell & gene therapy industry where it is deployed in manufacturing, as well as process development.


  • iLINE-F
    The iLINE-F is a holographic microscope connected to your culture vessel that allows a real-time, label free and non destructive automated monitoring to your cell culture....