BioAgilytix is the trusted partner for global bioanalytical services throughout every phase of the drug development process. We provide custom, fit-for-purpose, and comprehensive bioanalytical support for your program needs. With over a decade of gene and cell therapy experience, we have worked with over a hundred partners to build the right bioanalytical package based on the current regulatory expectations. We provide the complete package of pharmacokinetic (PK), immunogenicity, biomarker, and CMC bioanalytical testing services in a GxP environment. Our labs provide immunoassay, cell-based assay, molecular biology, and LC/MS assay development, validation, and sample testing, which eliminates the need for multiple providers, ensuring efficient delivery of data for your therapeutic study. We operate state-of-the-art laboratories in Durham, North Carolina; Boston, Massachusetts; San Diego, California; Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia; and Hamburg, Germany.