Nanotein Technologies  

Stop by Booth 225 and see our T and NK cell activators.

Nanotein Technologies is a Berkely-based, Series-A biotechnology start-up manufacturing next generation reagents that expand and activate immune cells for Cell Therapy applications. Our NanoSpark technology is a fully soluble, protein scaffold with specific, functional antibodies bound to it with a high-affinity linkage. This creates a highly effective protein-antibody product with optimal geometry to take advantage of receptor clustering biology, and stimulate the expansion of immune cells with multipotent qualities during ex vivo activation. STEM-T is our flagship and best-in-class T cell activation reagent, generating self-renewing stem cell memory T cells. EVEN-T builds on our T cell program, to allow modulation of the CD4+:CD8+ cell population ratios, allowing the user to select for more CD4+ cells. GROW-NK is a first-in-class, feeder free, activator for robust expansion of NK cells.

Brands: NanoSpark™ STEM-T Soluble T Cell Activator reagent kit and NanoSpark™ GROW-NK: First High-Performance Soluble NK Activator