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KYNOTA provides outcomes-based solutions for the life sciences industry that support the laboratory use of benchtop-scale bioreactors, fermenters, and many ancillary devices by leveraging our deep understanding of process, technology, digital transformation, and the needs of our customers.  We design, deliver, configure, and support novel digital solutions that can grow and scale with today’s fast growing biologics companies, through commercial approaches that are easy to adopt and evolve over time.  The solution is composed of three components including hardware, process control, and data lake and is based on a subscription business model that supports process scientists and developers with harmonization, open access, and control of data and experiments across sites and equipment.  This model guarantees forward compatibility, flexibility, and configurability of technologies and supports all process transfer requirements within the enterprise as needs change and scale over time, allowing scientists to spend time focusing on the science improving their productivity and throughput. 

Brands: KYNOTA is a subscription-based laboratory solution that optimizes experimental control and workflow and unifies data in support of seamless tech transfer.