Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, CA
May 16-20, 2023

Avirmax, Inc.

Avirmax , Inc. is dedicated to innovate, develop and manufacture adeno-associated virus (AAV) vector mediated biotherapeutics using its proprietary protein therapeutics and Bac-to-AAV (a VP1 enriched AAV production with baculovirus helpers in Sf9 cells) technologies. Our team of experts have worked extensively to innovate and develop AAV vectors and optimize recombinant vector production, purification and scale-up manufacturing. Using the advanced Bac-to-AAV system, allows Avirmax to quickly deliver quality cGMP material to our clients.


  • AAV Manufacturing & Service: Research to GMP Grade
    High Efficiency, high yield and high purity in rBV-Sf9 and HEK293 production systems...

  • Avirmax CMC offers AAV production in rBV-Sf9 and HEK293 and analytical assays at the heart of San Francisco Bay Area:

    • Rhabdovirus-free SF-RVF(TM) Cells
    • Integrated Platform Process
    • Native and Engineered AAV Serotypes
    • Research fo GMP Grade
    • Up to 1000 L