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May 16-20, 2023

uBriGene Biosciences Inc.

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uBriGene Biosciences Inc. is a leading contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), specializing in development and application of cell and gene therapy technologies. uBriGene provides clients with end-to-end cell and gene therapy support and is committed to driving innovation in biologics development and accelerating cell and gene therapy process from concept to commercialization. By ensuring the highest quality of products and services, uBriGene's goal is to optimize time and cost efficiencies for its clients.

What We Provide

  • GMP and research grade plasmid manufacturing
  • Viral vector, cell therapy, oncolytic virus manufacturing
  • Cell banking services
  • Two-step purification technology
  • IND and NDA filing services
  • Funding services (VC or PE)

State-of-the-art GMP Facilities and High-Quality Services

  • GMP facilities with an area covering 133,000 sq ft
  • Pronucleus fermentation production lines (5L-10L-20L-50L-200L)
  • Eukaryotic culturing production lines (50L-200L-500L-2000L)
  • Grace C+A evnironment cleanliness
  • uBriGene has successfully files 4 viral vectors and received NMPA clearance of IND, has over 10 more applications currently in progress since 2021

Platform Technologies

The facilities provide six manufacturing platforms for plasmid production, viral vector manufacturing, cell products (CAR-T, CAR-NK, MSC and iPSC) manufacturing, QC release testing, process & assay development, and RNA drug substance and products.

Why uBriGene?

  • Short lead time; lean project managment and efficient process
  • Proven AAV, LVV and adenovirus processes for in vivo and in vitro application
  • Four established high yield free-of-cost Master Cell Banks (MCB) (adherent 293, 293T; suspension 293XS and 293TY)
  • Available WAVE Bioreactors (5L-2000L)
  • FDA, CFDA and European Medicines Agency (EMA) compliant
  • Technology Patent Portfolio - 10 software copyrights, 2 invention patents, 5 pending patents
  • Proficient and experienced Regulatory Affairs team in North America and China

Brands: We are a CDMO dedicated to acceleration of cell and gene therapy development from concept to commercialization.