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May 16-20, 2023


Making solutions possible.

Teknova makes solutions possible. Since 1996, we have been accelerating breakthroughs for customers in bioproduction, molecular diagnostics, and synthetic biology by providing faster access to high-quality, fully customizable agar plates, buffers and reagents, microbial culture media, and water. Our proprietary modular manufacturing platform enables us to deliver consistent custom products quickly, making it seamless for our customers to scale from RUO to GMP as they work to develop novel therapies that can help people live longer, healthier lives. 


AAV●Tek™ Solutions

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  • (May 08, 2023)

    MAY 19th at 12PM

    A Novel AAV RNA Based Infectivity Reporter Assay 

    Poster #1511

    Optimization of AAV Sample Preparation towards Accurate Quantification of Viral Titer by dPCR

    Poster #1504

    MAY 17th at 12PM

    Optimized AEX Buffer Formulations for AAV Full Capsid Enrichment

    Poster #429

  • (May 08, 2023)

    We recently expanded our production facilities with a new, state-of-the-art 30,000 square foot custom-designed manufacturing space. It features dedicated ISO 5 equipment, and endotoxin-controlled and animal-origin- free ISO 7 cleanrooms. With continuous run production and lot sizes up to 750 L, it's designed to make it seamless to scale from RUO to GMP. Schedule a tour to come see our new facilities in person.


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  • AAV●Tek™️ Solutions
    Teknova's AAV●Tek™️ Solutions are designed to remove obstacles in your gene therapy workflow. Our inaugural solution is a first-of-its-kind AEX Buffer Screening Kit that can save you months in your AAV2 process development at the polishing step....
  • Agar Plates
    Rely on one consistent, predictable source for your bacterial, yeast, and fungal growth. Our pre-poured plates are fully customizable and come in flexible formats....

  • Discover our Agar Plates

    With custom antibiotic formulations, animal-free options, and our scientific expertise, we can help you overcome growth challenges, so you get the reliable results you need to move your science forward.

  • Buffers and Reagents
    We’re experts in buffers and reagents so you don’t have to be. With over 25 years' experience and our unique modular manufacturing platform, we can keep your science moving forward from RUO to GMP with our high quality and fast turnaround....

  • Discover our Buffers and Reagents

    Get the exact format you need with container types ranging from 2 mL tubes to 200 L bags.

  • Microbial Culture Media
    Whether you are performing basic molecular research or producing vaccines and novel therapeutics for clinical use, we can manufacture sterile, ready-to-use microbial culture media with unmatched consistency, speed, and flexibility....

  • Explore our high-quality, fully-customizable, nutrient-infused microbial culture media. 

    Need it in a 1 L bottle filled to 500 mL? Or a 200 L bag? From formulation to format, quality control testing, documentation, and labeling, we can manufacture exactly what you need.

  • Water
    Get the high-quality water you need for cleaning equipment, preparing cell culture media and buffers, or for resuspension and buffer exchange. Our WFI Quality Water meets both EP and USP grade specifications and is 0.1µm sterile filtered at time of fill....

  • Set up your reliable supply of water

    We have 20 L and 200 L bags of WFI Quality Water in stock and ready to ship, and we also offer PCR Certified Water and Reagent Grade Water.