Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, CA
May 16-20, 2023

Precision NanoSystems Inc.

Create Transformative Medicines. Translate Biology Insights.

Precision NanoSystems, now part of the Danaher Life Sciences platform, is a global leader in ushering in the next wave of genomic medicines for infectious diseases, cancer, and rare diseases. Collaborating with the world’s leading drug developers to understand disease and create the therapeutics that will define the future of medicine, Precision NanoSystems offers non-viral delivery solutions, including NanoAssemblr® lipid nanoparticle (LNP) formulation instruments, a proprietary ionizable lipid library, off-the-shelf reagents, and BioPharma services.


  • NanoAssemblr® Platforms
    NanoAssemblr instruments offer rapid screening and drug discovery at the lab bench to large-scale manufacturing under cGMP conditions, providing robust and uniform LNP production at all scales through one single mixing element....

  • Precision NanoSystems is a global leader in nanoparticle technologies, solutions and services for developing

    genomic medicines, including mRNA vaccines and therapeutics that define the future of medicine.

    • NanoAssemblr® instruments with proprietary NxGen™ microfluidic mixers with scalable flow rates enable

    increased nanoparticle stability, efficacy, yield and quality, accelerating timelines to develop robust and

    reproducible formulations from discovery to commercial manufacturing.

    • GenVoy-ILM™ off-the-shelf Research Use Only (RUO) lipid nanoparticle (LNP) delivery reagents accelerate

    discovery and proof-of-concept studies to clinical development.

    • End-to-end biopharmaceutical services span nanomedicine formulation from discovery to

    commercialization, including proof-of-concept studies, optimization of formulation, lead candidate process

    development, analytical development, scale-up and technology transfer for cGMP production.