PlasmidFactory GmbH

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PlasmidFactory GmbH is a globally active biopharmaceutical company, founded in 2000 in Germany. It is a leading contract manufacturing organization (CMO) for plasmid and minicircle DNA, holding a strong customer base in the fields of cancer research, gene and cell therapy, CAR T-cell development and genetic vaccination.

PlasmidFactory produces plasmids and minicircles according to client's requirements in modern laboratories with high quality standards ranging from research to GMP grade.

Our R&D activities: production, development, analysis and storage of pDNA

Brands: High Quality Grade, minicircle, plasmid DNA, AAV, GMP coming soon


  • Minicircles for AAV
    We have in stock Minicircle alternatives for your AAV viral vector production.
    Customised Minicircle production in High Quality
    In Stock Service for AAV Helper and Packaging Plasmids, AAV transfer plasmids...

  • A plasmid transfection-based production system can be easily converted into a minicircle-based system for both single strand as well as self-complementary AAV vectors carrying a GFP transgene cassette. Rep, cap and adenoviral helper functions are all provided by the Helper and Packaging minicircle for example for AAV serotype 2. Benefit from the improved packaging efficiency offered by minicircles in avoiding the scenario of false packaging of plasmid DNA backbone sequences. Furthermore, expect an increase in viral vector titers as well as transduction efficiency using this system.