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Los Angeles, CA
May 16-20, 2023


Femtobiomed is a cell and gene therapy electroporator manufacturing company. CellShot® realized electroporation bufferless transfection, by adopting the Partitioned Flow Electroporation (PFEP) technology where cell and material are independently flown through an electric field.

This simplified the cell engineering process by eliminating the need of buffer exchange process, permanently reducing the cost and manufacturing timeline. Despite this simplification, the device encompasses all cell types and results high transfection efficiency and cell viability, and ultimately a high yield (productivity). It is also possible to transfect multiple times sequentially, with minimal impact on cell viability and sustained transfection efficiency.

We are currently in the process of finalizing cGMP compliances for clinical use of consumables, and hope to support researchers and developers in the field of multiplexed cell engineering.


  • Femtobiomed CellShot®
    EP Bufferless Multiplexed Cell Engineering

    Deliver any material to a cell of interest with high transfection efficiency, cell viability and production yield using Femtobiomed CellShot® ....

  • Femtobiomed CellShot® PFEP is a flow EP technology that loads and maintains a separate channel of cells and materials throughout the transfection process. Cells can be loaded in any culture media, and materials can be loaded in any buffer. No cell washing is necessary, significantly improving cell viability without cell loss. This automated and closed device provides a high production yield at reduced costs.

    • Automated & Closed Operation
    • QR & Touch Input
    • Embedded System
    • Small Scale Cartridge
      • Throughput: 10^6 ~ 10^8 cells/min
    • Wide-type Scale Cartridge
      • Throughput: 10^7 ~ 10^9 cells/min