Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, CA
May 16-20, 2023

CereVasc, Inc.

CereVasc developed a novel route of administration for CNS therapies. 

A minimally-invasive, endovascular catheter accesses CSF at the base of the brain through a small incision in the leg. This provides direct brain access without a burr hole in the skull (ICV delivery) and mitigates the serious procedural risks of brain stem injury (ICM delivery). The catheter allows for single dose administration and has the potential to deliver an implant that enables multi-dose administration.

The CereVasc approach improves the balance of invasiveness and efficacy compared to other CNS ROAs.

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  • CereVasc
    A novel route of administration for CNS therapies to provide a better balance of invasiveness and efficacy compared to existing approaches....

  • Description of the device in clinical use can be found here:

    Lylyk P et al., First-in-human endovascular treatment of hydrocephalus with a miniature biomimetic transdural shunt. J NeuroInterv Surg 14(5):495-499 (2022).