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May 16-20, 2023

Instant Systems  

Instant Systems: provider of sterile single use supplies

As rapid advances in biotechnology continue, specifically in areas of cell-based assay/culturing, tissue preservation/engineering/regeneration, biopharmaceuticals and fermentation, Instant Systems continues to spearhead the next generation of single-use products designed to anticipate and solve challenges facing these fast growth markets.

Core Competencies include: engineering, prototyping, testing, production, kitting, sterilization, procurement and distribution.

Our three locations, provide robust redundancy protections for all manufacturing and distribution operations. Paired with a long-term proactive raw material supply chain strategy, our extraordinary success of zero breaks continues to ensure a continual uninterrupted supply chain for critical products.

Brands: BioLoc™ Culturing, CryoLoc™ Freezing, In-Line Filters,Tubing

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  • Instant Systems' sterile, single use, in-line filter tubing sets seamlessly fit into pre-existing sterile processing systems to fulfill your process needs or assist in closing previously open systems. Custom bioprocessing assemblies that incorporate this product are available, including filter bags.


  • BioLoc™ Cell Culture Bags
    Closed, single use systems for growing and transducing adherent and non-adherent cells. Optically clear design for easy observation of cells and process within a closed environment. These bags seamlessly integrate into existing systems and processes....

  • BioLoc™ Cell Culturing Bags are designed to optimize cell culturing processes within a closed system. Bags are engineered for near zero hang up and increased cellular expansion, reaching these yields in a shorter time, using fewer quantities of reagents. Adherent & non-adherent versions available. Instant Systems offers 4 series of bag design for enhanced processing. Sizes ranges between 3mL - 2.5L.

    Port configuration is specific to bag series design and can include: tubing sets and assemblies, pinch clamps, spikeport, female/male luers, female/male luer valves & sealed ends. Support rods, hanger holes, and tubing set features available upon request. BioLoc™ bags are made of Class VI Materials, chemically and biologically inert, DEHP free.

    These products are manufactured in certified Class 6 cleanrooms. Manufacturing managed under ISO 9001/13485 and 21 CFR 820 compliant management systems. All CCN and CCA bags produced by Instant Systems in the USA.