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May 16-20, 2023

STEMCELL Technologies

As a company of Scientists Helping Scientists, STEMCELL Technologies is committed to enabling cell therapy research around the world with high-quality services and solutions. Whether you're editing CD34+ cells, differentiating PSCs, or expanding immune cells, we have the specialized cell isolation products, cell culture media, and reagents you need. Through our Services for Cell Therapy Program, we can help you qualify our products for use as ancillary materials. Learn more at www.STEMCELL.com.


  • StemSpan™-AOF
    StemSpan™-AOF is an animal origin-free medium manufactured under relevant cGMPs for the in vitro culture and expansion of human hematopoietic cells, to be used with appropriate growth factors/cytokines and supplements....

  • Minimizing risk and variability when culturing HSPCs for cell therapy research is important to ensure consistent, reproducible performance and safety.


    Whether you are performing fundamental research or ready to transition to the clinic, using StemSpan™-AOF (Catalog #100-0130) medium helps minimize the risk of viral contamination in your cell therapy research. 


    Choosing animal origin-free (AOF) cell culture conditions can also facilitate a smoother pathway to the clinic by helping you avoid regulatory roadblocks. StemSpan™-AOF is also manufactured under relevant cGMPs, further ensures the highest quality and consistency for reproducible results.


    CD34⁺ cells cultured in StemSpan™-AOF, the only animal origin-free cGMP HSPC medium on the market, showed equal or greater expansion of primitive human CD34brightCD90⁺CD45RA⁻ cells than other commercial media tested and supports multilineage engraftment of CD34⁺ cells at equivalent or higher levels when compared to uncultured cells.