Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, CA
May 16-20, 2023

Aseptic Technologies

Your partner for state-of-the-art aseptic solutions

Aseptic Technologies manufactures fill & finish equipment and devices for advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our core expertise lays in the innovation of aseptic filling processes for biopharmaceutical products, including cell and gene therapy products.  
As member of SKAN, we leverage technological excellence of SKAN in the isolator design, providing integrated solutions for fill & finish projects, globally. We share decades of expertise in injection molding and manufacturing in cleanroom, offering customized ready-to-use assemblies for pharmaceutical processes.

Brands: AT-Closed Vial®, AT-Port™, Crystal® M1, Pure M1, Crystal® L1, Cellana L1, Crystal® XL1, Cellana XL1


  • AT-Closed Vial®
    The AT-Closed Vial® technology enables safe cryogenic storage of the injectable drug product and its intermediate GMP-grade products, thanks to its unique technique of closed before filling polymer vial....

    • Unique ready-to-fill polymer vials (COC)
    • Vial bodies and stoppers molded and assembled in ISO5
    • Ranging from < 1 ml to 50 ml
    • Closed throughout the filling process, eliminating contamination risks by design