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May 16-20, 2023

BriGene Biosciences Inc.

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BriGene Bioscience Inc. is a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) which collaborates with cell and gene therapy clients from concept to commercialization through years of experience and manufacturing platforms. We specialized in development and application of cell and gene therapy technologies as the one-stop service provider for the cell and gene therapy industry. BriGene's leadership team consists of professors and researchers from National Institutes of Health Cancer Institute, Harvard University, Hopkins University, University of Maryland, University of Columbia, and other internationally renowned institutions, with over decades of industrial experience in cell & gene therapy industry.

Currently, we operate two state-of-the-art GMP facilities with 21 clean suites (>133,000 sq ft.) which have produced over 65 batches of GMP-grade plasmids as of 2021, and capacity ranging from 5L to 500L with the ability to scale out. The facilities provide five manufacturing platforms for plasmid production, viral vector manufacturing, cell therapy manufacturing, and quality testing platforms. 

Core Services

  1. GMP-grade and research-grade plasmid, viral vector manufacturing, and cell therapy manufacturing services for any scale production through our integrated and innovative CDMO platforms
  2. Viral vectors, including adeno-associated vectors, adenoviral vectors, and lentiviral vectors to meet the demands of research and/or manufacturing applications
  3. A two-step purification technology which allows for fast and cost-effective cell harvesting process

 Our Accomplishments

  • Technology Patent Portfolio - 10 Software Copyrights, 2 Invention Patents, 5 Pending Patents
  • Bietti Crystalline Dystrophy, BCDIRD – IND application for VGR-R01 injection of Shanghai Vitalgen BioPharma Co., Ltd
  • Biallelic RPE65 mutation associate IRD – IND application for LX101 injection from Innostellar Biotherapeutics Co. Ltd.

Brands: We are a CDMO dedicated to acceleration of cell and gene therapy development from concept to commercialization.