Virovek Incorporation

Hayward,  CA 
United States

Welcome to Virovek - AAV Vector Production Team!

Virovek is the world leader in large scale AAV production. Through its patented BAC-to-AAV technology Virovek can provide up to 1E+17 vg per production run of GLP-grade AAV vectors utilizing the baculovirus/SF9 system. Our scientists have gained experience with the rhabdovirus free SF9 cell AAV production in a segregated facility. Virovek is also providing traditional HEK293-based AAV production service up to 1E+15 vg scale. We offer comprehensive services including gene cloning, codon optimization, TCID50, Aggregation, Full & Empty, Microplasma, Endotoxin and Sterility.



  • AAV production services and assays
    Virovek provides AAV production services using both Sf9 and HEK293 systems as well as AAV characterization services using the QPCR, ddPCR, Nanodrop Spectrophotometer, QBIT, Capillary Electrophoresis, Dynamic Light Scattering, and Endotoxin assays....

  • Virovek specializes in large-scale and custom-made adeno-associated virus (AAV) vector production using both Sf9 (Bac-to-AAV Technology) and HEK293 systems. Our comprehensive and customer-first service includes expertise in gene cloning, maxiprep DNA, and baculovirus production. In addition, Virovek provides Fast Adenovirus production services using its proprietary technology. Our services include characterization of the viral vectors with QPCR, ddPCR, SDS-PAGE, Simply-Blue Staining, Nanodrop Spectrophotometer, Capillary electrophoresis, QBIT, Dynamic Light Scattering, and Endotoxin assays. 

    Virovek provides nonexclusive license of its Bac-to-AAV manufacturing technology to all customers. We partner together with you to grow your projects from research lab to clinical stage.