Genesis BPS...Technology is in our blood!

Genesis BPS is a global manufacturer and supplier of precision equipment to clinical laboratories, life science customers, blood collection and cellular therapy organizations. Our product portfolio represents quality and consistency in a world of ever-changing requirements for processing, collection and storage. 

Visit our booth to learn more about our tools for science including Dry Thawing Devices, Waferless Sterile Tube Welder’s, Tube Sealers, Collection Devices, Therapeutic Phlebotomy products, specialty blood bags and a whole lot more.

Brands: ZipThaw, ZipSleeve, Stemix, Tube Sealers, RapidWeld Sterile Tube Welder, TCD Sterile Tube Welder, Cell Therapy Solutions, Stem Cell Thawing Solutions, Octaplas, Phlebotomy Bags and Collection Devices