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Freudenberg manufactures critical fluid transfer products for the global biopharma industry. Platinum silicone and TPE tubing, hose, and assemblies are fabricated in certified cleanrooms in the US, Germany, and Ireland.

PharmaFocus® Premium platinum-cured silicone tubing is extractables tested with full validation – braided, non-reinforced, and peristaltic pump tubing. HelixMark® brand silicone tubing is ideal for lab and non-critical flow applications, serving the industry since 1985.

NEW PRODUCTS include HelixTC™ molded sanitary ends for single-use systems and HelixFlex™ TPE Tubing which is weldable, sealable, and sterilizable.

Brands: PharmaFocus Premium, HelixMark, HelixFlex, HelixTC

 Press Releases

  • Freudenberg, a global manufacturer of medical and pharmaceutical tubing, components, and devices, has introduced HelixFlex™, a high-purity thermoplastic elastomer TPE tubing designed for use in biopharmaceutical fluid transfer applications. This is an expanded offering from Freudenberg, adding to its existing pharma product portfolio of silicone tubing and components for bioprocessing, drug and vaccine manufacturing, filling and sampling, peristaltic pumping, lab, and medical device applications.

    TPE tubing is ideal for pharmaceutical bioprocessing applications because it can be welded to existing tubing lines, and heat-sealed to allow for easy, fast, and safe fluid transport and transfer in biopharma processes.  TPE tubing from Freudenberg also offers many different sterilization options including autoclave, gamma irradiation, x-ray, and e-beam.  Additionally, TPE tubing is a more environmentally friendly option than silicone and can be recycled.

    “Silicone has always been the gold standard for biopharma applications, but with silicone material in short supply over the past few years Freudenberg wanted to offer global customers another single-use tubing alternative,” said David Schwass, Director Sales & Marketing Biopharm at Freudenberg Medical. 

    “We are proud to launch our new HelixFlex™ off-the-shelf tubing product line, which combines all benefits in one product  ̶  its weldable, sealable, translucent, and can be used in peristaltic pumping applications,” states Rudi Gall, VP Business Development EMEA & Global Pharma at Freudenberg Medical.  “With HelixFlex™ we complement our silicone-based HelixMark® and PharmaFocus® Premium tubing lines and therefore continue our journey of providing additional products and technologies to our biopharmaceutical customers as a one-stop-shop.”

    HelixFlex™ is produced in a certified cleanroom and material certification and lot traceability is included in every package.  Contact us to learn more or visit


  • HelixFlex™ TPE Tubing
    HelixFlex™ TPE Tubing suits a wide range of high-performance fluid transfer requirements for the biopharma industry. Heat sealable, weldable, sterilizable, and manufactured in a certified cleanroom....

  • HelixFlex tubing is produced in a certified cleanroom using biologically compatible TPE material.

    HelixFlex is heat sealable, weldable, and sterilizable by autoclave, gamma irradiation, x-ray, and e-beam.

    An ideal choice for demanding fluid transfer processes, bioprocess lines, filling and sampling, and peristaltic pump applications. All tubing includes material certification and lot traceability.

    Advantages / Benefits:

    • Meets critical demands of biopharma fluid transfer
    • Excellent heat seal and sterile weldability
    • Safe material solution for bioprocessing

    Typical Applications:

    • Pharmaceutical and biotech processing
    • Vaccine manufacturing
    • Ultra-pure sterile fluid transfer
    • Filling and sampling operations
    • Laboratory use
    • Media processing