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PhoenixBio USA Corporation

PhoenixBio: Human Liver Mice and Gene Therapy Study Services

PhoenixBio supplies:

PXB-mice® - Chimeric Mouse Model with a Highly Humanized Liver (~90% human hepatocytes)
PXB-cells® - Primary Human Hepatocytes Freshly Isolated from our PXB-mice

Both models have been used extensively for applications in Gene Therapy, Gene Editing, RNA/OligoAAV, NASH/NAFLD, DMPK/Tox/Safety, and Viral Hepatitis.

We also provide comprehensive Drug Development Study Services tailored specifically for gene therapy. Our high-quality preclinical models and study services guarantee faster more reliable translation from be successful clinical studies.

Brands: We offers In Vivo / In Vitro Humanized Chimeric Liver models (PXB-Mice®/PXB-cells®) and associated Gene Therapy Study Services to accelerate your preclinical drug development program.


  • PXB-Mice® and PXB-cells®
    PhoenixBio specializes in advancing drug discovery with our high-quality preclinical study services and PXB-mice® and PXB-cells®. Through these models, we are able to support drug testing experiments with greater translational relevance than ever before....

  • PXB-mouse:

    • Possess highly humanized liver with a human hepatocyte replacement of ~90%
    • Histologically normal liver constitution, stable human albumin secretion for the lifespan of the mouse
    • Functional human specific metabolic, transporter, and excretory pathways in the humanized liver
    • Amenable to AAV transduction and LNP transfection in the model’s humanized liver (including AAVs typically only usable in Humans and NHPs)
    • High-fat diet inducible NASH pathophysiology (fibrosis, steatosis, lobular inflammation, hepatocyte ballooning)


    • Highly plateable and stable in culture for 30 days or more
    • Greater than 95% human hepatocytes in purity
    • Can be consistently supplied from the same hepatocyte donor for 2 - 3 years
    • Available freshly plated in multiple options including 24-well, 96-well, 384-well, and T75 flask (for re-plating)  

    We also offer Custom Transplantation Services to through which we can use our mouse model to transplant the primary hepatocytes from other species (Rat, NHP, etc) as well diseased human patient derived hepatocytes for the development of novel rare disease models.