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Los Angeles, CA
May 16-20, 2023

Cook MyoSite    

Thank you for visiting the Cook MyoSite Virtual Exhibit!

Formed in 2002, Cook MyoSite is dedicated to the development and subsequent commercialization of technology related to the collection, selection, and expansion of human skeletal muscle cells for the treatment of a variety of disorders. 

Autologous muscle derived cells (AMDC) is a cell therapy being clinically investigated by Cook MyoSite for female stress urinary incontinence, fecal incontinence, underactive bladder, and tongue dysphagia across more than 600 subjects. 


  • MyoTonic Family of Culture Media
    Basal medium, insulin-free, and serum-free varieties...

  • Our MyoTonic Family of Culture Media is optimized for use with our skMDC cell samples and provides your lab with a range of options for cell growth, differentiation, and custom applications. The MyoTonic Family of Culture Media includes standard, insulin-free, and serum-free varieties to suit your specific needs.
  • skMDC Human Skeletal Muscle Cells
    Myoblast-like, non-differentiated, human skeletal muscle cells...

  • Our skMDC are myoblast-like, non-differentiated cells for Research Use Only (RUO). Each lot must pass an assortment of quality tests to be approved for shipment
    including the ability to differentiate unless the donor has been clinically diagnosed with a condition that might affect this ability. 

    We expect 8-12 population  doublings from 1 Standard Donor vial or potentially more if flask confluence is kept per our IFU specifications. 1 vial contains 500,000 cells. Upon request, we can provide gene expression profiles, and in some cases we may be able to provide information regarding diabetes history, physical activity levels, and other such information.

  • CryoTonic Cryostorage Medium
    Cryopreservation medium...

  • Preserve your cells with our CryoTonic Cryostorage Medium, carefully formulated for mamallian cells to maintain high viability post-thaw