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Batavia Biosciences  

Do you want to speed up your journey from bench to bedside?

Batavia Biosciences is a contract development and manufacturing organization with expertise in viral vaccines, virotherapy, proteins and antibodies. We are not your standard CDMO – our customers regularly refer to us as their product development partner and thought partner.

 Press Releases

  • Leiden, The Netherlands, June 28, 2022 – Today, Batavia Biosciences  announces that it will extend its CDMO services portfolio (R&D and clinical manufacturing) to include commercial manufacturing services. The company has finalized the design plans of its new 12.000 square meter building to be realized at the Bioscience Park in Leiden, The Netherlands. It is expected that the manufacturing facility will be operational around Q3- 2024.

    The multi-product facility is designed to support the late-stage clinical manufacturing and commercial manufacturing of vaccines and viral vector-based gene therapy and immune-oncology products. Batavia’s highly intensified manufacturing technology, HIP-Vax®, which utilizes fixed-bed bioreactors, will be the main platform, but also products manufactured using traditional mammalian cell suspension technologies up to 1000L scale can readily be delivered. The facility is based on a modular design, with 6 production suites. On-site, state-of-the-art fill / finish capabilities ensure on-time delivery of drug product. Depending on virus / vector type the facility is expected to provide for several hundred million doses annually.

    Batavia is proud to have assembled a strong team to ensure ambitious timelines are met. Developer Provast is contracted to deliver the shell and core of the facility. Batavia engaged with VILS, a leading process-design, engineering and project-delivery company for the engineering and design.

    Menzo Havenga, CEO of Batavia Biosciences, states: “This is a major step for Batavia as the company transitions from a CDMO that could assist its clients in R&D and clinic manufacturing only, to now, a “one-stop-shop” where it will be able to support clients from concept product idea all the way to full market launch and commercial manufacturing.

    Chris Yallop, CSO at Batavia Biosciences, adds, “This facility provides a valuable resource to ensure the manufacture of critical new medicines including low-cost global health vaccines, epidemic and pandemic preparedness vaccines, gene therapy and virotherapy treatments.”


  • HIP-Vax
    Low-cost viral vector and vaccine manufacturing...

  • The demand for viral vector-based products is growing rapidly. However, there are still manufacturing challenges which hamper the development of these promising new therapies. A major problem is low product yields. For many medical applications, a certain minimal dose of product is needed to have a clinical effect. With low production yields, it is a challenge to get enough product concentrated in one syringe.

    Highly intensified manufacturing

    Additionally, low production efficiency necessitates large volume production to obtain sufficient doses, resulting in high cost of goods. For instance, many viral vectors are produced by adherent cells that are cultured in cell factories, but this legacy technology can only be scaled out rather than scaled up, and no significant reduction of cost of goods can be achieved when larger numbers of cell factories are used to obtain more product. To address this problem, we developed highly intensified manufacturing processes.

    By means of bioprocess intensification, we are able to:

    • Reduce facility footprint (CAPEX),
    • Reduce amount of labor and consumables required (OPEX),
    • Reduce total process times.

    HIP-Vax offers a complete solution for a variety of viral vector platforms, including adenoviral vectors and lentiviral vectors. The package includes:

    • cGMP compliant protocols for intensified production and purification processes,
    • Optimized producer cell lines,
    • cGMP compliant virus seeds.

    The processes are designed to deliver large volumes of viral vector drug substance at a low cost of goods.