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Videodrop : Measuring Size & Concentration of Viruses

Myriade develops the VIDEODROP, an innovative nanoscale imaging technology. Videodrop makes possible to measure in a single drop the size and concentration of living nanoparticles between 70nm and 10 microns without labeling in real time. Thanks to the Videodrop, you can continuously monitor viral vector solutions of Lentiviruses &, retrovirus, adenoviruses.



  • Videodrop
    Videodrop measures the size & concentration of Lentivurs, retrovirus, adenovirus & extracellular vesicles in real time (40s)
    in a single drop (5µL)
    in a concentration range of 1E8 to 1E10 part/ml
    without labelling & in a non-denaturant way...

  • Thereby, Videodrop is a promising tool for fast in-process controls, continuous monitoring, and final product characterization of complex viral vector solutions of Lentiviruses, adenoviruses, retrovirus & extracellular vesicles.

    During the bioproduction process, VIDEODROP is used for the quantification of the physical titer.

    Thanks to its rapidity of measurement, it allows to

    • continuously monitor processes, directly perform yield calculation after Harvesting, Clarification, Purification, Concentration, or Diafiltration,
    • and thus enhance process optimization and formulation screening being able to work directly on real samples in a non-denaturant way at any stage of the process.