Walter E. Washington Convention Center
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May 16-19, 2022


Watertown,  MA 
United States
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REFEYN | Weighing molecules with light.

The pioneer in mass photometry, Refeyn produces a disruptive new generation of analytical instruments that measure the mass of individual molecules directly in solution. Mass photometry transforms our ability to characterise the composition, structure and dynamics of biomolecules, revealing the true behavior of molecules in their native environment. Quickly and simply, Refeyn instruments can show sample purity and homogeneity, analyze biomolecular complex assembly or disassembly, quantify strength and kinetics of complex molecular interactions, and much more.


  • SamuxMP
    A mass photometer optimised for adeno-associated virus (AAV) characterisation. In just minutes, it precisely measures the empty/full capsid ratio for AAVs of any serotype....

  • What the SamuxMP offers:  


    Quantitative characterisation of AAV samples 

    Empty/full capsid ratio measurement  

    Serotype-independent analysis  


    Rapid analysis requiring little sample 

    Less than 5 minutes to obtain result  

    Very low operating costs  

    Minimal sample preparation needed  


    User-friendly operation 

    Benchtop instrument  

    Software customised for AAV analysis  

    An instrument designed for working with AAVs  

    Easy decontamination