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Explore the latest developments in Cell and Gene Therapy with MilliporeSigma.

Join our Tech Forum talk on Monday, May 15th at 5:15pm on Bioprocess development using the VirusExpress(R) 293 AAV platform.  

From solving your unique upstream and downstream challenges, to meeting urgent manufacturing timelines, and navigating uncertain regulatory guidelines, our 30+ years of global expertise integrating leading manufacturing technologies with process development, scale-up,  product characterization and safety testing is here to help you accelerate your path to cures. Draw on our experience to bring your cell and gene therapies to life.

MilliporeSigma is the U.S. and Canada Life Science business of Merck KgaA, Darmstadt, Germany.


Introducing Large-Scale Gene Therapy Manufacturing
Start Right to Scale Right


  • Sf-RVN® Platform
    The Sf-RVN® Platform provides a rhabdovirus-free cell line that improves the safety profile of your gene therapy.

  • The baculovirus-insect cell system is widely used for production of recombinant proteins and clinical stage AAV due to its flexibility, speed, simplicity, and productivity. With the Sf-RVN® Platform, we provide a rhabdovirus-free cell line that improves the safety profile of your bioprocesses combined with a chemically defined medium specifically formulated to get excellent growth and productivity while adhering to evolving regulatory requirements.

  • BioReliance® Biosafety Testing & Product Character
    Our BioReliance® biosafety testing and product characterization services offer exceptional, risk-mitigating solutions with technical and regulatory expertise, to help you bring life-changing drugs to market....

  • Whatever stage of the biopharma development process you’re in, our leading cGMP-compliant testing services and regulatory knowledge can help you progress your therapeutic from discovery to release, including: Cell banking and testing, product characterization, raw materials testing, lot release testing, and clearance validation.

  • The ekko™ Acoustic Cell Processing System
    The ekko™ Acoustic Cell Processing System is a breakthrough technology that provides freedom from process limitations in cell therapy manufacturing....

  • Concentrate and wash steps throughout the cell therapy process can be particularly challenging for a variety of reasons – low cell recovery and viability, open-processing steps, and operator error can plague this unit operation. With the ekko™ Acoustic Cell Processing System, our unique acoustic technology provides a gentle way of processing cells while maintaining cell quality. Its unmatched ease of use and flexibility support multiple cell applications, process steps, and scales. 

  • Millistak+® HC Pro Depth Filter
    Millistak+® HC Pro (High Capacity Synthetic Media) is a synthetic depth filter providing a cleaner and more consistent depth filtration media over current diatomaceous earth (DE) and cellulose (CE) based filter media....

  • Millistak+® HC Pro fully synthetic depth filters are made using polyacrylic fibers and silica and have the advantage of lower water flushing requirements relative to conventional depth filters due to lower levels of extractables and absence of beta-glucan. Those designed for primary clarification, Millistak+® HC Pro D0SP and C0SP, also have four layers — rather than the two layers commonly found in other depth filters — providing a significant boost in capacity. These filters exhibit different adsorptive properties relative to traditional media, which can enable higher DNA and HCP impurity clearance. 
  • Gene Therapy CDMO Services
    Our Viral and Gene Therapy Manufacturing site in Carlsbad, California is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) that provides a complete range of viral and gene therapy life cycle services....

  • Product details (max 1000 characters) - Our cGMP state-of-the-art facilities accommodate separate areas for scale-up, process validation, phase III trials, and commercial launch. Additionally, our large-scale facility supports viral vector manufacturing up to 1,000 L using single-use bioreactors (SUBs). 

  • VirusExpress® Production Platform
    The VirusExpress® Production Platform offers a transfection-based solution to lentivirus (LV) or adeno-associated virus (AAV) production challenges, featuring a suspension adapted cell line, chemically defined medium, and production process.

  • This platform can enable you to dramatically reduce the time in process development and scale-up. Whether performed in your facilities or leveraging our gene therapy CDMO capabilities, you can draw on our 30+ years of viral vector manufacturing experience and a platform that can dramatically reduce your process development and scale-up time to speed your therapy to patients. 

  • Benzonase® endonuclease Safety Plus
    Benzonase® endonuclease balances efficiency and regulatory compliance. It is the smart solution for DNA removal in Gene Therapy production....

  • Benzonase® endonuclease Safety Plus is the smart evolution of enzymatic DNA removal in biopharmaceutical production. Benzonase® endonuclease has proven its value for over 30 years in viral vector manufacturing.  Balancing efficiency and regulatory compliance by delivering reliability and high-quality manufacturing under good manufacturing practices (GMP ICH Q7).  Additionally, to the stringent quality control and extensive documentation packages coming with Benzonase® endonuclease Emprove® Expert, the all new Safety Plus product elevates the high-quality level even further. Adding the most recent manufacturing and analytical technologies it delivers enhanced risk mitigation. 

  • Cell Design Studio® Engineering Services
    Custom, genetically modified cellular models developed in partnership with you....

  • The cell line engineering service partner you can trust to create customized cellular models for your drug discovery and biomanufacturing needs. With access to state-of-the-art genome editing technology (CRISPR, ZFN, and lentiviral technologies), CDS can generate knockout, knock-in, stable expression, or other modifications in any gene target and virtually any cell line.

  • PURedit™ CRISPR Synthetic sgRNA and Cas9 Protein
    High fidelity CRISPR reagents for translational research...

  • Reduce off-target effects without a decrease in on-target cutting with PURedit™ synthetic sgRNAs and Cas9 protein. Engineered to meet superior manufacturing standards, they are guaranteed to edit with high on-target cutting, even in the most difficult-to-target loci, and do not compromise specificity.