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United States
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Welcome to OrganaBio! We are excited to be a pat of ASGCT.

OrganaBio is a solutions provider for the cell therapy industry whose proprietary supply chain provides customers with critical resources: from birth tissue and peripheral blood-derived progenitor and immune cells to expert services and cGMP manufacturing solutions. OrganaBio's portfolio of cells includes MSCs derived from fresh placenta and cord, HSCs, NK cells, and T cells derived from fresh umbilical cord blood, and leukopaks/PBMCs. OrganaBio's cGMP manufacturing facility will open its doors at the end of 2021 to offer GMP-grade products and modular cleanrooms for lease.

Brands: MesenPAC Mesenchymal Stromal Cells, ImmunoPAC NK Cells, ImmunoPAC T Cells, HematoPAC Hematopoietic Stem Cells, GroPAC Complete MSC Growth Medium, LeukoPAC Leukapheresis Product


  • LeukoPAC™ Products
    LeukoPAC™ products provide apheresis-derived, enriched mononuclear cells yielding high cell purity & viability necessary for therapeutic development-proprietary supply chain & processing to ensure that cells are isolated immediately after leukapheresis....

  • A RELIABLE SUPPLY OF HIGH QUALITY, ETHICALLY-SOURCED RAW MATERIALS WITH A CLEAR PATH TO GMP MANUFACTURING - OrganaBio's LeukoPAC™ product portfolio encompasses a repository of tissue and highly enriched mononuclear cells backed by quality attributes necessary for therapeutic development all from single, healthy donors.  All lots are extensively characterized and curated to meet customer specifications. OrganaBio protocols and procedures are designed for flexibility and scalability to meet each customer’s unique needs and centers around our independently owned, FDA-registered apheresis center accessible solely by OrganaBio customers. OrganaBio's on-site collection facility provides exclusive access to an ethnically diverse donor pool that is consented under IRB-approved protocols.  Choose from an off-the-shelf product inventory or enquire about custom product needs.