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Mission Bio enables comprehensive characterization of your cell and gene therapy candidates for safer and more effective therapeutics. Our platform co-measures genotypic attributes (e.g., on-/ off-target gene editing, zygosity, translocations, transduction efficiency, and vector copy number) and immunophenotype— in 1,000s of individual cells. We partner with biopharmas to provide full-service assay development — from experimental design through bioinformatic analysis — so you can leverage single-cell analysis in your preclinical, clinical, and commercial efforts.


  • Tapestri
    The Tapestri Platform is a single-cell DNA sequencing and multi-omics solution that can process 1000s of cells in a single assay, enabling the greater characterization of cell and gene therapy products than conventional bulk assays....

  • Cell and gene therapy products are notoriously complex and difficult to characterize, yet early and thorough characterization is key to minimizing safety issues and the risk of holds on clinical trials. Mission Bio's Tapestri Platform is a single-cell DNA sequencing and multi-omics solution that can process 1000s of individual cells in a single assay. Powered by innovative microfluidics technology, Tapestri enables the simultaneous characterization of multiple attributes of cell and gene therapy products — including transduction/ transfection efficiency, vector copy number, on-/ off-target gene editing, multiplex editing, zygosity, and rare chromosomal aberrations. With this high-resolution data, you will gain a richer picture of genotypic and phenotypic heterogeneity than is provided by conventional bulk assays — without the need for multiple instruments or time-consuming cell culture. 

    In order to integrate single-cell technology quickly and easily into your analytical workflows, we offer custom assay development through our Pharma Assay Development team. With this end-to-end service, our expert team of scientists and bioinformaticians will develop the assay— from experimental design through analysis — while working closely with you to ensure every need is met. We will then transfer the assay to your institution or a qualified CRO/CDMO of your choice. To learn more, please visit, or come by booth 548 to chat!