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  • Quantum® Cell Expansion System
    Control Your Process With an Automated Cell Culture Platform
    Quantum has been proven effective in the consistent expansion of adherent cells, suspension cells, viral vectors, and exosomes....

  • Process Control and Protocol Flexibility

    Quantum uses several predefined tasks that can be customized to replicate the manual cell culture process for a range of adherent and suspension cells. Continuous media perfusion, temperature control, cell feeding and waste removal provide process control over the cell culture environment. Operators can monitor and adjust key cell culture process parameters via the touch screen. Cells are harvested in as little as 20 minutes.

    Exercise Flexibility

    With Quantum, you can expand adherent and suspension cells and support plasmid transfections and viral transductions.
    • Suspension cellsT cellsDendritic cells, CD34+ cells
    • Adherent cellsMesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)Fibroblasts, iPSCs, neural stem cells
    • Viral vectorsHEK 293T
    • Exosomes

    Control Your Process

    Quantum is a functionally closed, perfusion-based, automated cell expansion system that features reporting, user authentication and power failure recovery features, providing more control over the cell culture process.

    Lower Risk of Contamination

    Reduce up to 99.8% of open events associated with manual culture with a closed-cell culture environment.1

    Enable Reproducible, Scalable Processes

    In a study comparing MSC production in flasks versus the Quantum® Cell Expansion System, automation showed an 88% reduction in harvest time and labor hours.1

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